Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Checking Here I Come

I was recently "promoted" at work. I work at HEB as a bagger or as a CSA as they like to say to try and jazz it up. CSA means check stand assistant. I officially am getting moved up to be a checker now. I say promoted sarcastically because I should have started at checking from day one. Unfortunately that did not happen because somebody *cough* my sister *cough* told me that you could not apply to HEB as a checker. You HAD to apply as a bagger then get promoted to checker.

Well my sister, having had limited job experience at the time, was not aware that because I had previous experience handling money, I COULD apply as a checker. So, I wasted 8 long months of my time bagging until I could finally pin down one of my managers and get them to schedule me for checker training. But, it has finally happened! I completed my 16 hours of checker training and will get to start ringing people up on Thursday. 

I'm sure I learned lots of useful stuff by bagging for 8 LONG months but being a kid, I care
 more about the money! I get a $1.40 pay raise and I am excited. I could have been earning checker wages this whole time. I hardly plan to stay at HEB my whole life so for now I want to make as much money as possible doing a job that is less than desirable. I have to pay for college somehow, right? 


  1. :) Glad you got your "promotion" :)

  2. WOO HOO - Congrats! You're movin' on up!! Good for you!

    Come see us soon!