Sunday, March 1, 2009

OCD Much?

I tend to be a bit crazy when it comes to details pertaining to anything. I keep my room spotless and always need to be on time. If I'm ever feeling stressed out or bored, I clean. I recently took on a major dusting project. I dusted my fan, the tops of the doors, my desk, my books, and my movies. I generally contain my cleaning frenzies to my room because thats the only room I really make a mess in. My little cleaning adventure only took two hours and I still felt my work was unfinished. Unfortunately, my room was spotless. Although most teenagers run in fright from anything close to work or cleaning, I love it. It's like a little Disney World vacation for me. 

I mention my OCD cleaning problem because I'm going on a little trip. On March 5th I will be on my way to Italy!!! I'm super excited and to help vent some of that need to jump up and down in pure joy, I plan every last detail. I made myself a list of what to pack and where it would go. I have a what-to-do-list for Tuesday morning, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, and Thursday morning. With all this micro-managing I keep finding more things to add or more things to hammer out in a little more detail. 

I'm a freak. I admit it. But, I like to think that in some ways I'm every parents' dream child. The really ironic part is how my parents are always telling me, "I can't wait until you live in your own house and drown in the pigsty you create!" Ah, if only they knew...


  1. :) I get into those frenzies sometimes too.... hope you have a good trip. Can't wait to see the pictures you get there!!

  2. We are all SO JEALOUS about your upcoming trip but we hope you have a WONDERFUL time!!!

    Take care - Kellan