Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Temporary Goodbye

To all FOUR of my followers, I must bid thee a temporary goodbye. As of tomorrow at 2:30 PM I shall be on a plane on my way to ITALY!!! I know y'all are all very jealous and will miss me oh-so-much (hint the heavy sarcasm on that last part), but I'll be back on the 17th and post lots of lovely Italian pictures (hopefully). Since I have no funny little stories from my boring day I'll leave some more of my old pictures for your enjoyment. Hope your next week will be as great as mine.

Some more of my photos:

(Taken in Salem, Massachusetts)

(Taken in Surry, Maine)

(Taken in Saint Martin)

(Taken in Acadia National Park, Maine)

(Taken in Texas)


  1. Ohhh!! I love the red house one. And the beach chair one! I just love them all :) Can't wait to hear about your trip and see all those pictures!

  2. Your photos are beautiful, Becca! We are going to miss you. You have a BLAST and we'll see you when you get home. Be good and have fun! Kellan

  3. Miss Becca, I do hope you have a wonderful time. I am totally jealous and apologize for my brief absence. Your photos are beautiful and I can not wait to see what you come back from Italy with.