Thursday, March 26, 2009

You Never What!?

Today it was raining. Normally, I'm all for the rain. I love the big claps of thunder and the fact that water is falling from the sky. I like that rain is a free form of watering plants. I love rain, as long as I don't have to drive in it.

So, today it was raining as I was walking to my third period class. You should know that my third period class is way out in a portable. Of course I was soaked by the time I got there. But, this story isn't about rain. When I got into the portable I was slightly grumpy because the rain wasn't showing signs of letting up and I did not want to have to drive home in in later. 

My friend, Anastasia, saw me and exclaimed, "I have never seen you wear earrings in my life!!!" I couldn't help but give her the "you're an idiot" glare. I told her she had never seen me wear earrings because before yesterday I never had holes in my ears in which to put earrings. 

"You never what!? You've never had your ears pierced!?" I restrained myself from making a mean, sarcastic retorts. I simply nodded and let her happily examine my ears as if they were a precious treasure. I mean after all, she was the only person who had noticed. 

So, that's the story of the day. After 17 years of life, I finally got my ears pierced. I may be an oddity but at least its finally done. I will say it hurt, a lot. Now I just have to keep them from getting infected. Woo.


  1. Good luck. Keep twisting em! :) They are fun, most of the time... I have HIGHLY sensitive skin and am apparently allergic to everything, so its tougher to find cute things that are not breaking the bank.

  2. Good for you. I made all my girls get thier ears pierced when they were infants. Maybe it was bad but hey, they won't remember the pain of getting it done.

  3. When did you get your ears pierced???? Did I miss noticing? I'm sorry if I didn't notice - good for you. I love a girl in earrings! I have lots of fun, gaudy earrings - love 'em! Have fun with them!